Training A French Bulldog

Many French Bulldog owners will say that French Bulldogs are thought to be one of the best types of dog to have as a pet. First known as Boule-Dog Francais, with their intelligence, small, compact, though surprisingly solid bodies, the French Bulldog is a wonderful watchdog and companion. Some of them might have aggressive tendencies, which is why, like all dogs, training a French Bulldog is very important. Training A French Bulldog will require many repetitions and loving patience as our little friends are extremely stubborn.

When training a French Bulldog or any dog, for that matter, it is advisable to acquaint yourself with their behavioural traits. Although very intelligent, French Bulldogs have short attention spans.

You will need plenty of patience. French Bulldogs also like to have your attention all the time. They can be aggressive in a playful way, and if this is the case with your French Bulldog, you need to teach discipline to your dog before you allow them to be around small children.

If they want you to play with them and you do not give them the attention they desire, they can become aggressive. They can be very sweet-natured and will do tricks to get your attention.

Your method of French Bulldog training should be based on their particular characteristics so that you will know which areas need extra work. This way you will not be wasting your time trying to teach them unnecessary things.

Laser target training will allow you to enjoy the training session with your French Bulldog. This will give you a well taught and disciplined dog, as well as allowing time for the two of you to bond.

French Bulldogs can become stubborn and independent if they feel you are trying to teach them something that is unnecessary.

Be firm and assertive in your training, but do not yell at them or hit them. If they do not obey, be very firm in your commands. Show them that you are in charge and use a loud, firm voice, don’t scream at them or get angry, this will confuse the dog.

Your commands must be logical and similar all the time. When showing praise or disappointment, use the same command all the time.

Reward obedience with a treat to show you are pleased with them. Keep the training time short. French Bulldogs have short attention spans and also cannot exert or overwork themselves and get too hot.

Lastly, be patient. French Bulldogs may be clever and intelligent, but they are just dogs. It will take a while before they are fully trained enough to understand your instructions.

Your French Bulldog can embarrass you by behaving unacceptably at the wrong times. This can happen when in the presence of other dogs or people. Picture the scene – you and your French bulldog are strolling through the park; suddenly he pulls the leash out of your hand, runs away, won’t respond to your call, chases other dogs or worse, people, maybe even biting them. This could become a serious problem if your French bulldog does not receive the proper training to teach him how to behave, socialize and when to be aggressive.

Fortunately, French bulldog training is fairly easy. Easier than other dogs, that is, but still not a cakewalk. French Bulldogs are still only dogs, and training will take time, but because they tend to be more sociable compared to other dogs, training them will not be too difficult.

Tips on Training a French Bulldog

Socializing begins at home. Start Training a French Bulldog slowly and in the comfort of his or her own home. If you have a new pup, give him some time to adjust to his surroundings and his new family.

When you have visitors, give your bulldog some space and don’t crowd him, this could be overwhelming and cause him to react aggressively. When you can judge that your French bulldog is used to having strangers around him, give him the opportunity to be around other dogs.

Ask your friends to bring their dogs to your home. When your French bulldog is used to having strange dogs around in his familiar surroundings, you can allow him to visit different places.

It is important to always walk your bulldog with a leash. Keep a firm hold on the leash. Take him to less crowded places first, gradually visiting more and more populated areas as he becomes used to people.

Walking him on a busy street could be traumatic and might make him shy away from social occasions. A quiet park is best.

It is also important that your French bulldog pup has been vaccinated, as they are easily susceptible to allergies and other health problems that they might pick up from other dogs.

Get into the habit of carrying treats with you to reward your French bulldog for good behaviour. If he barks or becomes aggressive, reprimand him firmly, but do not shout or hit him.

He will eventually get into a socializing routine as French bulldogs are naturally friendly.

Don’t forget! French bulldogs become easily overheated, so don’t expose them to too much sun.


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