What is a French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix?

What is a French Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix?

It’s nearly 2018, and it feels like there are more mixed breeds out there than there are normal breeds, doesn’t it? Because of how many new breeds are discovered every year, it feels like the world is getting more and more divided on which is the superior breed. In this short article we will be discussing about a certain breed mix that has caused quite a ruckus because of how random it seems.

Not only does it mix two of the most popular breeds out there, aka the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier, but it also makes for a very original breed that has already gotten dozens of names so far. Probably the most consistent name that the public has chosen for this breed is the Frenchton, or the Frenton, if you will, but people also call this breed names like the Faux French Bulldog, the Frenchbo Bulldog or even the Boston Frenchie.

No matter what you prefer to call it, the facts remain unchanged, this dog breed is definitely one of a kind. The  French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix puppies are very small in size at first, but they do grow out of it, so don’t confuse them for Chihuahuas or some other extremely small dog breed out there. But, what is the Boston Terrier French Bulldog mix? Well, to put it bluntly, the French Bulldog Boston Terrier puppies are the love-children of those two amazing breeds that have their own sort of personalities and their own physical traits.

What sets the French Bulldog mixes apart from the ordinary French Bulldog is first and foremost the look. While most French Bulldogs are usually one color (most of the time they are black, brown or white/grey) with another colored stripe down their necks and across their tummies, the French Bulldog Boston Terriers actually have different patterned fur colors. Sure, you can still find a French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix that’s mono-colored with a colored stripe down their necks and across their tummies, but the grand majority of them sport different looks that really liven up their look.

Behavior wise, the French Bulldog Boston Terrier puppies tend to be a bit more agitated than purebred French Bulldogs. Unlike the purebreds, the mixed puppies tend to be quite a handful on a daily basis, but still, this can easily be corrected with a bit of training, which is where our next point comes in.

Training wise, the Boston Terrier French Bulldog mix seems to be a bit annoying and uneducated at first, but we can assure you that they can easily be trained if you have enough patience to do so. They are definitely harder to train than the purebred Boston Terrier or the purebred French Bulldog, but if you can get past that you’ll easily understand why so many people have opted to adopt one of them over the purebred option.

Another main reason as to why people love these French bulldog mixes is the fact that they are so small and compact and easy to keep occupied at all times, which makes them perfect for life in a smaller sized apartment. Most college students would rather have a Boston Terrier French Bulldog mix over most any other breed out there just because they don’t want to have to keep their eyes on their dogs at all times. As long as you have more than one of them hanging around it shouldn’t be hard for them to amuse themselves.

The Frenchton is definitely a weirder breed, to say the least, but nonetheless, it’s still a very good companion dog. Considering the fact that it is the lovechild of two companion dog breeds, it shouldn’t come off as a shock that the Frenchton is very good at doing just that. Food wise, this mix doesn’t really showcase any sort of preference, as long as it’s nutritious and delicious, it will always finish its plate.

Exercise wise, if you already own a Boston Terrier or a French Bulldog then you most likely won’t be surprised to find out that the Frenchton doesn’t exactly require that much exercise to go about its day. As long as you take the time to go out once per day with it, your dog will be in perfectly good shape. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of health, the Frenchton is one of those breeds that never seems to really get sick, unless something serious is going on. This can be taken off in two different ways. It does mean that generally they never get sick, but when they do, you need to do whatever it takes to make sure that they get their treatment according to their needs.

So, really, what is a French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix? Well, it’s a special breed that has been officially recognized as a crossbreed by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), the Dog Registry of America (DRA), the Designer Breed Registry (DBR), the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR). Although it has yet to be recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), it shouldn’t come off as a surprise to anyone that this breed is getting more and more popular on a daily basis. So, what sets this one apart from every other breed out there? We think that every single Frenchton proud owner can confirm that it’s in their behavior. A lot of people will argue that it all depends on the dog’s personal mentality, but if you’ve owned enough dog breeds so far, then you know that that’s not exactly true. Depending on the breed of the dog, the dog can be aggressive (the Pit Bull Terriers, the Rottweilers or the German Shepherds) or it can be calm (The Shih Tzu, the Chow Chow or the Boston Terrier), so we can safely say that the Frenchton is one of the most relaxed and loving dog breeds out there without a doubt in our mind.

Sure, they can be quite challenging if they are not trained properly, but no matter what, we’ve never heard of a Frenchton biting its owner’s hand. This makes them one of the best dog breeds out there for younger individuals or married couples. This dog breed is amazing around babies too because of its calm nature, and not only that, but since it is so calm and relaxed, it makes for a great “first pet” for a child.

As long as you’ve trained them enough, the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix will never disappoint you. But hey, don’t let us stop you from showcasing your own whacky encounters with these loveable pets. Tell us what you think about the Frenchton and what you like or dislike about them. No dog is a perfect replica of another one, so we can never be short of stories. But anyway, we hope that you enjoyed this short article as much as we enjoyed writing it!


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  • OMG! Who wouldn’t fall in love with these little fellows? Tooooooo cute!! Carol

    • Thanks Carolyn,
      It is sooo great to hear that someone is enjoying my site
      Have a look at the next one here about the Blue French Bulldog.
      goo.gl/c1xHXN (Copy and paste this link into the URL bar at the top)
      Have a great day

  • I currently own a Frenchton (Daisy) who is 10 months old, and I would recommend this breed to anyone. The loyalty and social instincts of this breed is off the charts. They just love people and other dogs…all of them. Just realize that they need to be properly trained or they will OWN your household, They’re wicked smart and super energetic. If they’re not exercised daily, just name a beloved household item that’s not supposed to be in their mouth and it will be.

  • I have owned a Boston Terrier and a Frenchton. They were both wonderful companions and provided so many laughs and happy memories. I highly recommend both of the dog breeds for anyone looking for a great companion.

  • Just an other “mutt” to get bad genes from both breeds.
    You can NEVER IMPROVE on the Boston terrier, they are perfect the way they are.
    And designer dog(mutt should not be in the AKC, or any other show dog club, unless it is competion between ‘ mutt club ” dogs. No matter how you cut it, it is mutt if the bitch ia a Boston or Frenchie , and the sire is a Frenchie or Boston. Breeders that breed the two together don’t care about the breed, they just care about the big $$$$ they will make. It is all about the money, not about breeding a healthy Boston or Frenchy. Your now making a dog with MORE health problems than you can imagin. Think be for you do this. I love the Boston like they are, and am sure Frenchy owners feel the same. Keep their bloodlines true to their breed.
    And this goes for all dog breeds. Keep the breeds true to their blood line.

    • Thanks for the response Lynda…
      We always need other’s opinions…
      and I’ll leave this open for other comments…as long as they do not get nasty…

    • That’s not how it works. “Pure” always means health problems. Research the Hapsburg Dynasty. Nothing good comes from “pure” bloodlines.

    • Also, Bostons are a mix of Bull Terrier and English Bulldog. The Bull Terrier no longer exists. You can’t ‘improve’ them. You can only imbreed at this point.

  • Currently have a Frenchton named Boogie Man because everyone is scared of him…LOL he’s so scary you know. Anyway, my Boogie is getting very old and I would love for him to help raise the next one. Any suggestions?

    • Hello Carrie,
      Thanks for writing a note.
      Give me about a week and I’ll write a post on how to get Boogie Man to help you train the new kid on the block!

  • Gary Kuchenbrod

    We have one. Bought it as a Boston but it’s obviously a Frenchton with the wrinkled flat nose. Love it- didn’t know it was a separately recognized breed.

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  • I am in love with French dog and Boston terrier I just lost. my dog the hause is empty please i love that mix.my emeil is evitapat@yahoo.com and my ph.818 635 8996.please reply

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